1.20.17 Friday

Coach Michael striking a pose while Martin works on his pistol form!

Squat Clean and Jerk: 10 x 2 @75%
– Rest 90s
– Beginners: Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press 10 x 1 + 1 +1 @Light
– Add 5-10# from last week if possible.

AMRAP 10:00:
200 Meter Run
10 Power Cleans (155, 105)

RDL: 3 x 8-10. Rest 60s.

QOD: For those of y’all signed up for the nutrition challenge starting Monday, what will be your last “treat” meal?

1.19.17 Thursday

Families that WOD together, get fitter together! Aly and her mom Iris stike a pose before the WOD today!

– Handstand Progressions: Kicking up, shoulder taps
– L-Sit Progressions: Knees in, one leg, two legs
(these can be done on boxes)

Teams of 2 in 30:00 complete:
100 DB Step-ups (24, 20)
80 Ball Slams (30, 20)
*Remaining time Max Calories on the Rower
One person works.
Score = total calories on Rower

5:00 of Tissue Work
5:30 PM BootCamp Class

For Time:
Run 800M
30 KBS (35, 26)
100 SU
30 Lunges
70 SU
Run 400M
40 SU
30 Sledge Hammers on Tire
– 25:00 Time Cap

Russian Twists w/ KB 3 x 20

QOD: Who is ready for it to stop raining for a while in Houston?

1.18.17 Wednesday

Melissa pushing through KBS during today’s WOD!

1) Speed Close Grip Bench Press: 5 x 5 @ 50%
– Every 60s.
– Each set should take 5-7s to complete.
– Take 3-4 sets to warm-up
2) Barbell Row: 4 x 8
– Supinated Grip
– Rest 60s.

3 Rounds of:
2 Rope Climbs
10 OHS (135, 95)
20 T2B
*Rest 2:00 between rounds

100 Banded Pushdowns
5:30 PM BootCamp Class

Teams of 2, In 20:00 complete:
100 DB Step Ups (24, 20)
80 Slam Balls (25, 15)
*Remaining Time: Max Calories on the Rower*
– One person works, one person rests
– Score = total calories on rower

Tricep Dips 3 x 12-15

QOD: Would you rather row for calories or row for meters?

1.17.17 Tuesday

Stefanie and Mohammed teaming up on Box Front Squats!

Gymnastics Skill Work: Pistols
– Between sets of Pistols perform 10-20s Hollow Hold.

For time:
Row 1k
50 KBS (53,44)
100 Double Unders (Scale 2min DU attempts)
50 Alt. Pistols
75 Double Unders
50 Calorie Row
25 Double Unders (scale 1min DU attempts)
50 Walking OH Lunges (45, 25)
– 30:00 Time Cap

5:00 of Static Stretching
5:30 PM BootCamp Class

AMRAP 15:00:
50 Mountain Climbers
40 Banded Pushdowns
30 Wall Balls (16, 12)
20 Rings Rows
10 Burpees

Ab Mat Situps – 3 x 25

QOD: Have you ever heard of the Burpee Mile Challenge? If so, which CFE athlete would get the best time?

1.16.17 Monday

We are so proud of all our athletes that competed on Saturday for the In House competition! Our power couple, Ron and Kellee, placed first and third in the Rx division!
Box Front Squat: Work up to a heavy 3-5
*Same technique as speed box squats, sit back on box.
*Rest 2:00

In 12:00:
50 Wallballs (20, 14)
40 Burpees over the Bar
30 Deadlifts (255, 165)
Remaining time AMRAP: Wallballs

*Straight Leg Raises: 3 x 6-10. Rest 60s.
*Banded Leg Curls: 2 x 25 reps ea. Rest 60s.

QOD: For those of y’all who competed on Saturday, which workout was your favorite?

1.13.17 Friday

Jordan is ready for the 4th Annual In House competition on Saturday! Are you?

4 Rounds:
1a) Rope Climbs x 2 Reps (Rx+: Legless)
1b) Sled Pull 100m

Teams of 2:
For time:
Calories on the Rower
*200m Team Run between each
*18:00 Time Cap
*One person rows/one rests

After Party
5:00 of Static Stretching
5:00 Tissue Work

QOD: Which of the three In House competition WODS do you think will be your strongest performance?

1.12.17 Thursday

4:30PM class taking care of their shoulders with some fun mobility exercises!

Squat Clean and Jerk: 10 x 2 @70%
– Rest 90s
– Beginners: Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press 10 x 1 + 1 +1 @ Light weight

For time:
30 Squat Cleans (185, 125)
– Can modify to Power Cleans if necessary
– 8:00 Time Cap

Single Leg KB RDLs: 3 x 8 ea. Rest 60s.
5:30 PM BootCamp Class

Teams of Two –
Complete for time:
90 Calorie Row
70 Partner Weighted Sit ups
50 Calorie Row
30 Burpees
– Split work however desired

50 Banded Pull Aparts
50 Flutter Kicks (both legs = 1 rep)

QOD: For those of you competing in the In-House Competition this weekend, what is your strategy on the first WOD, power or full snatch?

CFE 4th Annual In House Competition & Anniversary Party

Trish during last years comp – C&J ladder.

For those of you who have signed up for the competition this Saturday January 14th, the coaching staff is VERY proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone! We know some of you are nervous, but remember the people cheering you on are your friends you workout with, not complete strangers! The main thing to remember is to have FUN and give each WOD your ALL! Don’t leave anything on the table. Don’t say, I know I could have gone harder. Go hard!!

For those not competing, please come and support your fellow CFE Crew member (and be part of the electric and exciting atmosphere)! The athletes will need your cheers and high fives to get them through the three WODs they will be doing!

Here are some pointers for Saturday:
1. Athletes check in by 7:30am There will be a sign in table where your will receive your score cards and t-shirt. You are responsible for keeping your score cards and handing them to your judge when it’s your time to WOD. We will review the WOD standards from 8:00am-8:30am. First WOD starts at 9am sharp!

2. You will be assigned a HEAT and a lane number for each WOD. Heats will be announced over the loud system. Know which heat you are in and be ready to find your lane number on the floor. There will be signs marking the lane numbers.

3. Before your WOD starts if you have any questions about the movements, ask your judge to clarify. Your judges have the final say! Your judges are volunteering their time and energy into making this event a success for YOU! Remember this is all about fun, not an Olympic gold medal. Please give your judges some slack if you don’t agree with their call.

4. You are responsible for warming up and stretching on your own. The small Bay Area with be set up with some equipment for your warm up.

5. The floor will be taped off into lanes/areas. One for each athlete to WOD in. If you are spectating, please stay outside of these lines.

6. Bring your shoes, socks, wrist wraps, gloves, athletic tape, jump rope, etc. If you do not own a jump rope you can use one of ours. Bring your water bottle and any supplements you use and maybe a change of clothes if you sweat profusely!

7. If you need a healthy snack in-between wods, please bring your own.

8. Storage for your gear during the event will be in the small bay only.

9. Bring your friends and family to help cheer you on! There is no entry fee for spectators. We will rope off an area outside for tents and lawn chairs.

10. We will have a chiropractor on site taping you up for a small fee. Bring cash (charging to Wodify for this service is not an option, sorry).

11. DJ Steven G will be in the house spinning the tunes.

12. Athlete prizes that you will be competing for will be announced during the WOD Standards review!

13. After the winners are announced, prizes given and photos taken it will be time to party – celebrating EVERYONE’s victory for competing and our four year anniversary! CFE will be providing some beer, but if you are picky we suggest you bring your own beverages!

14. And finally a huge thank you to Coach Michael for spearheading this years event, all our coaches, judges, volunteers, vendors and sponsors. This would not be possible without you!

Thank you,
Owner/Head Coach

1.11.17 Wednesday

Nikki pushing through KBS during yesterday’s WOD!

1) Speed Close Grip Bench Press: 5 x 5 @50%
– Every 60s.
– Each set should take 5-7s to complete.
– Take 3-4 sets to warm-up
2) Barbell Row: 4 x 8
Rest 60s.

For time:
S20H (115, 75)
– 10:00 Cap
– Rx+:(10/8 Ring Muscle-ups in place of S20H)

DB or KB Side Bends: 3 x 15 ea. Rest 60s.
5:30 PM BootCamp Class

Buy In: 400 M Run
Then, AMRAP 7:00 –
10 KBS (35, 26)
10 Wall Balls (16, 12)
Buy Out: 400 M Run

Abs w/plate switch 3×10-12

QOD: What are your CrossFit related personal goals for 2017?

CFE 4th Annual In House Competition & Anniversary – WOD #3


SCORE: For time, +1 second for any reps not completed.

150 Single Unders
Men’s RX: 15 Pull Ups / Women’s RX: 15 Ring Rows
40 Russian KBS (53m/35f)
30 Box Jumps (24m/20f)
Men’s RX:30 T2B / Women’s RX: 30 Hanging Knee Raises
45 WB (20m/12f)
20 GTOH with Plate (45m/25f)

150 Single Unders
15 Ring Rows
40 Russian KBS (44m/26f)
30 Box Jumps (24m/20f)
30 Hanging Knee Raises
45 WB (14m/8f)
20 GTOH with Plate (15m/10f)

JUMP ROPE: Regular single unders.

Movement starts with arms at extension and ends with chin over the bar. Arms must fully extend between reps. Kipping and butterfly are allowed as long as arms fully extend between reps.

Movement starts with feet in line with the pull up rig, arms at extension, and ends with rings touching the chest. Body must remain locked out and “worming” is not allowed.

The KB will start on the ground and the Athlete must deadlift the KB to the hips. The movement is complete when the KB held at full extension is above the athletes shoulders or eye level. Full extension overhead is not required for this movement. If in doubt, get with your judge in order ot demonstrate the movement prior to start of the event.

Both feet must start on the ground and Athlete must come to full extension with both feet on top of the box. Step ups are allowed for all divisions.

The athlete must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar. At the start of each rep the arms must be fully extended and the feet must be brought back behind the bar and behind the body. Both feet must come into contact with the bar at the same time, inside the hands.

HANGING KNEE RAISES: The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the feet must be brought back behind the bar and behind the body. At the top of the repetition the athlete must raise their knees above the height of their hips.

The medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below knee, and thrown to hit above the orange tape for men or green tape for women. If the athlete fails to squat low enough, the ball hits bellow the target or does not hit the wall above the target, it is a no rep.

Athlete must touch the side of the plate to the groud before taking the plate to full extension overhead. Total lockout of the knees, hips, and elbows are required for the rep to count. The movement is complete when the plate is extended overhead.