2016 CrossFit Open CFE Intramurals Update

The 2016 CrossFit Open is almost here! If you are signed up and on a team, congratulations for stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to new things! If you’re not registered for the Open yet, it’s not too late. Go to http://games.crossfit.com We will assign you to a team.

On the following Fridays we will have regularly scheduled classes at 5:00am, 4:30pm and 5:30pm with a CFE workout programmed. The 6:30pm class time during the following dates will be for CF Open Registered athletes only!

Feb 26th – Spirit Week assigned to Andy’s Team
Mar 4th – Spirit Week assigned to Ron’s Team
Mar 11th – Spirit Week assigned to Jennifer B’s Team
Mar 18th – Spirit Week assigned to Kyle’s Team
Mar 25th – Spirit Week assigned to Kellee’s Team

If you are NOT signed up for the Open, you can still come to the Friday Night Lights (6:30pm start time) to cheer on your fellow Crew. The Open Workouts are only reserved for those who are officially registered online!

How will Friday Night Lights run?
Starting at 6:30pm we will review the standards of the Open WOD.
From 6:30-6:45pm you will be responsible for warming up on your own.
At 6:45pm we will run our first heat.
We will have multiple run heats based on the WOD duration and equipment.
Judges will be both coaches and Open athletes.
Team members will not be allowed to judge their own teammates!
If you are in the first heat PLEASE to stick around and cheer on those in the next heat(s)! That’s what the Friday Nights are all about…supporting our community and having fun!
It is hard to say how long Friday nights will last. It just depends on how many athletes show up and how long the WOD is.

Open Athletes you are encouraged to bring your family and friends to cheer you on, take pictures and pick you up off the floor (jk). Your guests will receive a discount coupon for our Fundamental Movement Sessions!

Can’t make Friday Night Lights?
Any Unlimited member may make up the Open workout during Sunday Open Gym 10am-12pm. If you do not have an Unlimited membership and need to make up the workout on Sunday, we will have a special 5 class punch card to purchase for $50.

We want to encourage tons of participation during Friday night lights. But also understand you might not be able to make it Fridays or even Sundays. If not, special arrangements can be made with any CFE coach to judge your workout ( $10 per Open workout Coach judged fee) or you can have a CFE member (from another team) judge you as long as you get your score entered online before Monday at 7pm CST.

Fright Nights will be your night to bring it! Maximum effort, undying support, beyond loud cheering, big high fives, sweaty hugs, lots of laughs, maybe a few tears and tons of fun! Let’s do this!!!

-Coach Ann

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