Thursday 10.01.15 FREE FRIENDS DAY!

Kyle getting his row on!
Kyle getting his row on!

Rowling! Don’t know what this is? Come to class to find out!

10 min AMRAP
10 Slam Ball (30/20)
15 Slam Ball Sit ups
30 DU / 60 SU

Bootcamp WOD same as CrossFit today
5:30pm BootCamp class to joing CF in the big bay!


09.30.15 Wednesday

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Kutschbach, of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, died Nov. 10, 2007, in Bagram, Afghanistan, from injuries sustained when his vehicle was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade and small-arms fire in Tagab Valley, Afghanistan. The 25-year-old was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group in Germany. Kutschbach is survived by his wife, Ginger; son, Bastian; father, David; mother, Debbie Huffner; and brothers, David and Andrew.

5 Minutes Double Under Practice

7 rounds for time of:
11 back squats (185 / 135) 
10 jerks (135 / 95)
BootCamp 6:00am and 5:30PM
Weighted step ups(24/20″)
Russian KBS (53/44#)

Cool Down: 200m Run/Walk

QOD: What’s your favorite breed of dog?

09.29.15 Tuesday

Alex with a 315# back squat and a PR!!  Congrats!!!
Alex with a 315# back squat and a PR!! Congrats!!!

EMOM 8 Minutes:
3 Squat Cleans @ 70% 1RM

400 M Run
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
400 M Run
20 Deadlifts (205/135#)
400 M Run
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
BootCamp 5:30PM

50 SU’s
40 DB Snatches Alternating
30 Goblet Squats w/ DB
50 SU’s
30 DB Snatches Alternating
20 Goblet Squats w/ DB
50 SU’s
20 DB Snatches Alternating
10 Goblet Squats w/ DB

QOD: What’s the one CrossFit movement you dread the most?

Sugar Out / Water In / Squat Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this years challenge. Many of you were dedicated and stayed true to the program. We hope you walked away with a better understanding of how what we eat and drink affects us in so many ways!

As a group you lost over 150lbs and held your squats for 23,261.50 minutes!

This years overall team winner is Coach Jeremy’s Team Squatzilla! Congratulations to Eric, Jessie, Sam, Laurie, Ron, Christi, Amy and Coach Jeremy. Each Squatzilla team member will take home some cold hard cash! Be sure to pick it up at the box this week!

A few squatzilla team members!
A few squatzilla team members!

And our overall best female and male winners go to Sonja and David Clark for the second year in a row! They lost 17.2 and 19.4 lbs respectively! They will both receive a one month unlimited membership. Congratulations to you both!!

Last years winning photo of the Clarks!
Last years winning photo of the Clarks!

And our squat off winners were Yuri, Kathy and Sam!

09.28.15 Monday

102514 halloween pic

Back Squat (5-5-5-5-5) ending at 75 – 85% 1RM

AMRAP 8 Minutes:
5 Wall Balls (20/14)
5 T2B
5 Burpees

AP: 200m Run + 50 Sit Ups for Time
6:00am BootCamp
3 Rounds
1 minute max Air Squats
1 minute max Fat Rope Single Unders
1 minute max Ball Slams (20/14)
1 minute max Sit Ups
1 minute Rest
*score is total reps

QOD: Halloween is around the corner…what are you going to dress up as this year?

09.26.15 Saturday

Bring the Heat 2015 Team Event 4 – Legs and Lungs
Teams of 2:

60 Front Squat 115/75
Partner 1 OH Plate Lunge ~80 ft 45/25
Partner 2 DB Goblet Lunge 
80 Dumbbell Ground to Overhead 50/35
Partner 1 DB Goblet Lunge 
Partner 2 OH Plate Lunge
60 Power Clean 115/75

09.25.15 Friday

Mark doing work!
Mark doing work!

Muscle Up Progressions

AMRAP 10 Minutes:
3 Thrusters (95/65)
3 Pullups
6 Thrusters (95/65)
6 Pullups
9 Thrusters (95/65)
9 Pullups
Adding 3 reps each round
BootCamp 6:00AM and 5:30pm

4 x 250m Row
Rest 1min between each

2 Rounds for Time:
100m Farmers Carry Down (1-KB 44/35#) Right Hand
20 Goblet Squats
100m Farmers Carry Back Left Hand
20 KBS
100m Farmers Carry Down Right Hand
20 Lunges w/ KB at Chest
100m Farmers Carry Back Left Hand

QOD: What’s one piece of CF apparel that is essential to your workouts?

09.24.15 Thursday

Strict Press: 3-3-3-3-3
Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

EMOM 10 Minutes:
1 Hang Power Snatch + 2 Squat Snatch (75% 1 RM)

AP: 100 DU for time

BootCamp 5:30pm

Team of 2 Partner WOD:
1 person works, one person rests.
Partner A completes 21 Sand Bag Thrusters, Partner B rests
Partner B completes 21 Sand Bag Thrusters, Partner A Rests
For time:
Sand Bag Thrusters
Step Ups with Sand Bag on Back Rack (24/20″)

Time Permitting: 10 tire flips

09.23.15 Wednesday

BootCamp class getting their row on!
BootCamp class getting their row on!

Tabata Row for Calories

Hero WOD Wednesday – Adrian
7 Rounds For Time
3 Forward Rolls
5 Wall Climbs
7 Toes-to-Bar
9 Box Jumps (30/24)
20min CAP
BootCamp 6:00AM and 6:30PM
3 Rounds for Time
100m Run
10 DB Push Press (35/25#)
30 Flutter Kicks (both legs = 1)
100m Run
30 Russian Twists w/ DB
10 V-Ups
100m Run
10 Hollow Body Rocks
10 DB Push Press (35/25#)

QOD: What’s your favorite game show?

09.22.15 Tuesday

Coach Ann reviewing the deadlift.
Coach Ann reviewing the deadlift.

Back Squat (2 x 5 @ 70%, 2 x 5 @ 80%)
Rope Climb Review

AMRAP in 12 min.
200m run
1 Rope Climb
5 Hang Power Clean to Overhead Anyway (95/65)
7 OHS (95/65)
BootCamp 6:30PM
In 6min
400m Run
then AMRAP of
10 Wall Balls
20 DU / 60 SU
**2min rest**
In 6min
400m Run
then AMRAP of
10 Slam Balls
20 Slam Ball Sit Ups

QOD: Now that Romo is out, how far will the Cowboys get this season?