11.16.15 Monday

The men showing the guns!
The men showing the guns!

This week we are establishing a 5 RM in 4 lifts so we have a basis going forward. We are going to be working on a 5×5 program and need data for everyone to start with so bring it!

5RM Back Squat

AMRAP 12 Minutes
10 M Bear Crawl
10 Air Squats
10 M Broad Jump
10 Plank Ups
10 M Crab Walk
10 Situps
10 M Lunges
10 Push Ups
6:00am BootCamp
3 rounds
20 Bicycles (2 count=1 rep)
20 dumbbell wood choppers- 10 per side
200m Run
20 V-Ups
20 mountain climbers
200m Run

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