11.12.15 Thursday

Good luck to Brandie...we will miss you!
Good luck to Brandie…we will miss you!

Tabata Row for Calories

G2OH w/ Plate (45/25#)
Lunge With Plate Overhead (2=1 rep)
Russian Twists (2 = 1 rep)
* 20 DU/ 60 SU between Rounds (10 times)
5:30PM BootCamp
SKILL: Toes 2 Bar

4 Rounds for Time
200m Farmers Carry (1) KB (44/35#)
10 T2B
Walking Lunge from Rig to bay door
20 Slam Ball Over Shoulder (35/25#)

QOD: If you had the opportunity to take a genetic test to determine if you were likely to acquire a disease in which there is no known cure, would you take the test?

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