11.07.14 Friday

A man and his bar.
A man and his bar.

CrossFit Equality – CrossFit

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Tabata Handstand Holds (AMRAP – Rounds)

Record total # of handstands held for 20sec

Metcon (Time)

Buy in: 400m Run Then
30-20-10 reps for time of:
Russian KBS (53/44#)
Push Press (2-KB or 2-DB) (35/25#)
Buy out: 400m Run

After Party

1 Tire Flip + 1 Tire Jump (like a box jump)
x 10

6:00am CFLite Class
800m Run
10 G2OH w/ Plate (45/25#)
10 Burpees onto Plate
400m Run
15 G2OH w/ Plate (45/25#)
15 Burpees onto Plate
200m Run
20 G2OH w/ Plate (45/25#)
20 Burpees onto Plate

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