09.28.13 Saturday

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Iron Bill (men) / Jacki (women) (Time)

200m sandbag run (50/25#)
50- thrusters (75/45#)
200m with (1) DB or (1) KB (50/25#)
20- TGU (16kg/8kg KB or 35/15# DB)
200m run (no object)
50m OH lunges w/ plate (45/25#)
200m (1) DB or (1) KB (50/25#)
50- back squats (75/45#)
200m sandbag run (50/25#)

Captain William Dowling was injured during a motel/restaurant fire on May 31, 2013, requiring both legs to be amputated. During this fire, four Houston (TX) firefighters were killed in the line of duty. Captain Dowling is still in the hospital as of August 24, 2013, recovering from his injuries. This is a way for the fire service community to come together and let Captain Dowling, his wife Jacki, their children and all of the members of the Houston Fire Department to know they are not forgotten and are not alone. Join us in pouring out our blood, sweat and tears as a way to inspire and motivate Captain Dowling during his recovery. You can donate to Bill at http://www.hopefordowling.org/

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