09.19.13 Thursday

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Overhead Squat (3-3-3-3-3)

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds of:
400m Run
50 Air Squats

After Party

1 min plank holds x 4
30sec rest between

If you are a current CFE member and answer this question before 4pm CST Thursday 9/19 in the space below you get a free CrossFit Equality sticker ($5 value): Looking at our current schedule, what other class times (day and time) would you like to see added?

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  1. I would like to see a 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM session on either Tuesday 09/24, Wednesday 09/25, or Thursday 09/26. I signed up for WOD 3 on Friday 09/27, but Fridays is usually date night and I would like to keep that time open. Thanks, Teresa Graves.

  2. A daily class at 6:30 in the evening would be phenomenal. I try consistently to make the morning classes, but parenting and life get in the way so to have evening options would be great!!!

  3. I would think maybe a quick lunch time WOD would be nice for people who can’t get there early in the morning but who might be held up at work in the afternoon. If there was an express lunch WOD I would def try to make that if it meant I could blow off steam in the middle of the day.

  4. We’d love to see a daily class at 6:30 in the evening. With work it can sometimes be hard to make the 5:30pm class and we know we could consistently make a 6:30pm class.

  5. 6:30 or 7:30 in the evenings. Our 7:30 classes are pretty big in the evening. It would be great to add more classes past 5:30 pm

  6. I have no meaningful input whatsoever on this topic. I think your schedule is awesome, as it totally works for me. Furthermore, since this qualifies as an answer, I will expect my sticker when I show up tonight. Huge and kisses, Bobby.

  7. A temporary 6pm class while they’re doing the 290 construction would be awesome. Ever since they closed the little York overpass thingy I’ve been having to break lots of laws to get to the 5:30pm class on time, haha 😉

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