09.06.13 Friday

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◾Double under/single under intervals for 10 minutes
◾On the first minute you do single unders at an easy pace
◾The second minute you do double unders
◾You alternate single unders and double unders every minute giving you 5 rounds of single unders and 5 rounds of double unders.
◾THE CATCH: You have to set a “goal” number for each double under minute. It can be 20, 30, 40…whatever you will be comfortable with.

09.06.13 Friday (Time)

8 x 200m Sprint
2 min rest between rounds
(record total time including 2 min rests between rounds)

If you have a stop watch, be sure to bring it Friday!

Speaking of time, if your days were 25 hours long instead of 24, what would you do with that extra hour? Speak your mind below!

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