08.27.15 Thursday

6:30pm Class synchronized wall balls!
6:30pm Class synchronized wall balls!

OHS Review

OHS (95/65)
200m Run between Rounds (8 times)
BootCamp 6:00am and 5:15pm
4 x 1min Row for Total Cal, 30sec rest between each
8min AMRAP
5 Burpees onto Plate
5 DB or KB Deadlifts (45/35#)

QOD: What’s the best fancy restaurant in Houston?

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  1. Sparrow!!! When I first went there I did a double take because the owner/chef is your doppleganger!!! Look her up Monica Pope!

    Also Rainbow Ive heard is good. Down House is good for casual fancy. Coltivaire was amazing. And I’ve heard Underbelly is bomb, but have yet to try it 🙂

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