08.10.13 Saturday

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08.10.13 Saturday (AMRAP – Reps)

Team WOD
Class to be split into four equal teams
There are four stations A, B, C, & D with four different exercises per round.
Total of four rounds.
Each team (all team members) will work at each station for 1min.
There is a 1min transition to the next station.
Entire team must either bear crawl or crab walk to the next station during the transition.

Station A:
Single DB lunge
Single DB Snatch
Single DB Push Press
Tuck Jumps
Station B:
Pull Ups
Ring Dips
Ring Rows
Station C:
Goblet Squat
Single Arm KB Clean
Station D:
Med Ball Sit Ups
Med Ball Clean
Med Ball Push Ups
Mountain Climbers

Each team will have one score sheet. Team must select a team captain to keep score. Score is total reps for the entire team!

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