07.13.13 Saturday

All CFE Crew Members are invited to join us for our 6 month anniversary pool party immediately following the WOD! A little tip: wear your swim suit under your workout clothes so you can jump right into the pool….trying to change clothes when you’re hot and sweaty is a challenge!

WOD:2 Person Teams
3 Rounds
60 sec of KBS(53/35#)
60 sec rest
60 sec Box jumps (24/20″)
60 sec rest
60 sec Power Cleans (95/65#)
60 sec rest
60 sec Renegade Rows (35/20#)
60 sec rest
60 sec Front Squats (95/65#)

Partner up with someone of similar strength.
Partner A goes while partner B counts reps, then switch.
Completing 3 rounds each. Score = total rep count from both partners.

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