06.29.13 Saturday

Luck of the Draw!
Team of 2:
Each team sarts with a deck of cards. Between the two of you, you will get through the deck of cards one time. Each suit will have a designated exercise:

Diamonds- OH lunge with Plate (25#/10#)
Hearts- burpees
Spades- goblet squat (44/35#)
Clubs- med ball sit ups (20/14#)
Red joker-400m Run
Black joker- 100 DU/ 300 SU

Jacks = 11 reps
Queens = 12 reps
Kings = 13 reps
Aces = 14 reps

So if your team pulls the 8 of diamonds that means between the two of you, you complete 8 OH Lunges with Plate.

It is up to you to decide how you want to break up the reps. You can alternate cards or you can each share the reps for each card.

Score is for time.

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