06.19.14 Thursday

Main – CrossFit

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(No Measure)

4min DU Work
Then 2 Rounds:
10 Ring Rows
10 Wall Balls

Metcon (Time)

10m Shuttle Sprints 4 Sets x (5)10m
Rest 30 sec between each set
Record best time

Jackie (Time)

For Time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull-ups
Compare to 2/20/14
30# Thruster for Women

5 Replies to “06.19.14 Thursday”

  1. Never done them before, but I’m thinking pulls vs pushes. But I’m with Mike, rides are the best.

  2. I’ve never done pulls but I liked pushes. But I agree sled rides sound much better. 😉

  3. Please tell me there are clear “invisible” straps on that load… Looking forward to doing both in the same WOD!!!

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