06.09.11 Thursday

Jamie R. working on her snatch with great technique!
Jamie R. working on her snatch with great technique!

Tabata Weighted Plank Holds (45/25#)

7 rounds for time of:
11 body-weight deadlifts
100-meter sprint
To learn more about Sham, click here.
5:30 PM BootCamp ClassEndurance:
2min Warm Up on Rower,
20sec 100% effort on rower
40sec 50% effort on rower
Repeat  20/40 cycle 10x
2min Cool Down
Score is total meters rowed including warm up and cool down.

Tabata Plank Holds

QOD: In order to survive, would you rather fish or hunt for food?

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  1. Your bug-out-bag should have enough food/water for you to make it at least 72 hours. I keep field stripped MREs in mine. I like hunting over fishing, but fishing gets you near water — you need water to live, game animals need water to live, and civilization is usually found near water… so most bang for your buck. Also, a great survival tool is a butterfly net. Walk across a field, sweeping the net at knee height… you will get pounds of yummy insect protein.

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