06.03.14 Tuesday-CrossFit Equality

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(No Measure)

1. 400m Run followed by 5 min Jump rope work
2. Coach led Burgener Warm Up with PVC or empty bar
3. 10 OHS with empty bar

Metcon (Time)

Accumulate 50 Snatches (75/55) *
* EMOM 20 DU/ 60 SU (starting with jump rope)
Can be Power or full Squat Snatch

After Party

100 Med Ball Sit Ups (20/14#)

QOD: who’s ready for a nutrition challenge at the box?

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3 Replies to “06.03.14 Tuesday-CrossFit Equality”

  1. I must be. My eating hasn’t been so great since March…not horrible, but not great either.

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