04.20.15 Monday

70%x3, 80%x3, 90%x3 or more
Percentages based off 90% of 1RM
Last round, as many reps as possible
Cycle 1, Week 3

Push Ups for many, are our “goats”. That movement we may dislike…that we may not work on much, if any at all. With our volume training work today our goal is to reverse that thought process. Get you stronger and get you more reps! We are also getting you ready for the hero WOD “Murph” coming up Memorial Day weekend (google it if you’re not familiar with it!). We are working at a sub-maximal effort (not reaching muscle failure). This will allow you to practice the push up with near perfect form! We are not trying to achieve a metabolic conditioning effect within this 20minutes…that’s what the 5min AMRAP is for! And we’ve added some situps to the 20min EMOM to get you ready for that swim suit!

EMOM 20 minutes:
Volume Push Ups + Sit Ups (2 Sit Ups for every 1 Push Up within the min)
Beg: 2 reps first 10 minutes, 1 rep last 10 minutes (30 Total)
Inter: 3 Reps every Minute (60 total)
Advanced: 5 Reps every minute (100 Total)

5min AMRAP
30 DU / 90 SU
10 Air Squats
6:00am CFLite Class:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
800-meter run
25 DB Thrusters (30/20#)
400-meter farmers carry w/ 2 DB’s

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