01.31.15 Saturday

Who's ready for some football?
Who’s ready for some football?

Super Bowl Saturday!

It’s the Seahawks vs. the Patriots. Wear your best NFL tshirts or jerseys (any team) Saturday and you will receive a CFE koozie (to use for the big game Sunday…ummm for that bottled water for those on the Paleo Challenge!).

In Teams of 3:
1st Quarter: 6 min AMRAP
15 Wallballs 20/14#(Pacesetter)
Max Sit Ups
OH Plate hold 45/25
***2 min commercial break***
2nd Quarter: 6 min AMRAP
15 Slam Balls (30/20#) (Pacesetter)
Max Power Cleans (95/65/45)
Wall sit
Halftime: 4 min REST – cue the Katy Perry Music
3rd Quarter: 6 min AMRAP
10 Burpees (Pacesetter)
Max Stationary forward lunges
Plank Hold (elbows)
***2 min commercial break***
4th Quarter: 6 min AMRAP
25 Air Squats (Pacesetter)
Max Push Press (95/65/45)
Standing Dbl KB Hold (44/35#)

How it works: Partner A does 15 wall balls, Partner B does Max Sit Ups while Partner A is working and Partner C Holds a plate overhead. Once Partner A completes 15 wall balls, Partners rotate. Continuous count of max sit ups in 6 min. etc…

QOD: Who is going to win Super Bowl 49?

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