01.29.16 Friday

With many of you competing tomorrow in our In-House Competition, Friday’s class is all about Gymnastics. We held this same class back in June of last year and it was well received by our members! So come out and play with us Friday!!

Gymnastics Class

Review Hollow Body and Active Neutral
Drills: Hollow Holds, Hollow Rocks, Hollow Tucks, V Ups,
Armadillo Drills
Review Arch Body Positions AKA Superman
Drills: Arch Holds, Arch Rocks,
Handstand Review
Drills: Box Drills, Shoulder Taps, Walking against Wall

Stretching: Saddle Stretch, Hurdler Stretch, Splits, Shoulder
Mobility, Foam Rolling

COD: Reminder we will not have a 6:30pm class Friday 1/29! We WILL have a 4:30pm and 5:30pm class as scheduled.

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